Cockatiel Breeding: My Site and Story!

Are you curious to know more about breeding cockatiels?

Are you looking for a cockatiel companion?

Do you want to see day by day look into a cockatiel baby's growth including pictues?

Curious to learn something about cockatiels in general?

If you have answered yes to one of these questions, you have come to the right site!  

I am currently dedicated to providing a close look into my world of cockatiel breeding.  Though this website tells the story of one breeding pair, I believe I have provided a lot of useful information and a personal look into my cockatiel breeding experience which you may find to be a bit unique and hopefully helpful. 

I would also like to be here as a help site if you have any questions or concerns about your pet cockatiel or breeding.  Feel free to contact me - my email address can be found on the contact page!

In the future, I am dreaming of breeding birds on a larger scale which will be available for sale.  (Cockatiels and other small parrot types!) So, if you like what you see and would like a personal look into your future pet bird's growing experience, check back with me and see if I have your perfect pet bird waiting for you!  If you choose: I want to make the wonderful experience of being a pet-parent as personal as I can.  I will do this by providing information such as individual hatch dates, parent and sibling information, and baby/youth pictures of your individual baby.  If you have any suggestions or questions about this, please let me know!

Thanks and enjoy my site!

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