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4/15/2009 04:37:25

This is such a wonderful story and your babies are beautiful. Life, what a wonderful thing. The parents are obviously very smart and happy. I'll check in periodically to see how they're (you're) doing. Thank you!

5/3/2009 03:23:02

So cool! Are you going to start breeding other animals?

Country Born Feathered Friends
5/7/2009 07:40:46

Thanks for the comments Annie and Cristi! As for your question, Cristi, I am planning on sticking with birds. In the future, I would like to try a few other breeds as well. Keep checking back to see what I have availible and what changes Country Born Feathered Friends might make!

6/22/2009 07:00:56

Hi these baby birds are so cutie and i might get a bird like this in the futer but not right now because we will be moving soon but you are my first shoise to get a bird from. :)

7/5/2009 08:57:33

Our little bird is doing so wonderful!
What a sweetheart, fit right in with our other birds and is very friendly. We are very happy to add her/him to our family.
Thank You so much!

Steve Gonzalez
1/30/2010 11:07:01

I thank you for posting such a detailed day to day site of your birds growing. I just had my first clutch hatch a week ago. We had 5 eggs laid and 5 that hatched. I was looking to find something like this site to gauge what my birds will do / grow into. So far so good I would love to send you a picture of mine. With names included ha ha. I will be using your site for a while while mine grow. Thanks again.

11/14/2010 12:49:02

We live in Maine and breed our Cockatiels indoors. Basically we gave our dining area for our Cockatiels.

Anyway, like yours, some of our pairs when sitting on eggs divide them up evenly or if an odd number of eggs almost evenly.


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