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I am located in the Green Bay, Wisconsin Area

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I first got interested in cockatiels when I began working at a pet store and met a very shy cockatiel.  He was in a cage by himself and had favorite employees who he would trust to take him out of his cage.  I believe he was somewhat shy just from being in this store environment, with so many strangers walking by him all day long.  From that instant I was determined to win his trust and affection.  After succeeding in this, I spent more time helping to train him and was very sad but happy at the same time when he left us to go to a new home.  From this experience, I realized that pet birds were really something unique and something I wanted to be part of my life. 

My Perfect Companion: Petri

The following summer I went to a small family owned pet store and talked with them about their cockatiels.  I found out that they in fact bred their own cockatiels and had been doing it for generations!  I loved the store, the conditions of it were very nice and clean, the family was very helpful, and I decided to purchase my new pet there.  I loved being able to talk to the people who helped my bird grow up about my individual pet and his personality.

Petri came home with me as a birthday present soon after I met him.  My husband (at this time fiance) bought him for me after we had gone to the store and I had become attached to this one particular little guy who was the runt of his clutch with a very sweet voice.

I loved the experience I had in finding my new pet.  It was very personal and I felt like I could really talk to Petri's breeders about him and his family.  This was important to me; I was taking this little stranger away from everything he had known and it was very important to me to be able to find out about what he was used to and his likes/dislikes in an attempt to make him as comfortable as possible in this transition period.  From learning about him and making him comfortable in my own home, he has become the trusting, sweet little cockatiel companion he is today.

In the future, this is the kind of experience I want my birds and new families to have when they purchase a pet cockatiel from me.  If the purchaser chooses, I want to give them a personal look into their new pet's life.  On the other hand, you may just be looking for a beautiful bird that will talk and whistle for you from inside its cage or a breeder cockatiel that would just have other cockatiels for company, and that is ok with me too!

I am also a pet parent of:

Delly (Dandelion Bojangles, aka Mr Bojangles)

Ha, my husband insisted on helping me name my Mini Lop bunny by giving him a last name!  He is from a local breeder and was born May 2008.  He loves to run circles around people and is a very curious, busy little guy!


Cricket is my new lovebird.  I purchased it from a local pet store the 1st of September 2009!  (He's about three weeks old in this picture) I believe he is a male and he is the sweetest little thing!  If I put my hand through the door of his cage, he'll run down from wherever he is perched and sit right in my hand.  He has also learned a few words (though he talks even worse than a cockatiel does so he is very hard to understand unless you know what he is meaning to say.)  I'll have to work on getting a new picture up on here soon!

My fishies!

I own a huge 70 gallon fish tank that is home to just a few fish at the moment... 4 Parrot Cichlid, an african clawed frog, 2 silver dollars, 2 turquoise severum, and an African Butterfly fish.